The Costruzioni Fratelli Cau S.r.l. while maintaining strong roots in the past, has always kept abreast of the most advanced construction technology.
Highly qualified, it is specialized in the construction and direct sale of both residential and holiday homes.
Costruzioni Fratelli Cau S.r.l.builds apartments, offices and commercial premises. The main objective in all of its buildings, is the highest standard of quality starting from the choice of materials, to the study of the architecture, to the coordination and recurrent training of its specialized staff and to the collaboration with highly qualified professional experts.

The Costruzioni Fratelli Cau S.r.l.was. born about 50 years ago from the experience of two brothers, Antonio and Francesco Cau. They left their hometown, Ittiri, which has a long tradition in the construction industry and in the processing of trachyte, to create a successfull construction company that builds in Sassari and in Alghero. Their name has soon become synonymous with quality, professionality and reliability for the high quality of the construction characteristics and of the finishings.
Over the years, the sons and daughters of Antonio and Francesco have mastered their parents tradition and they have combined innovation with experience.